"Bellamy Bach" is a pseudonym created by a group of writers in New York City (in the 1980s), who wished to publish teen fiction markedly different from the writing and editing for which they were better known. Different writers in this group used the pseudonym at various times for everything from Teen Romance series novels to poetry in small punk 'zines and even a New York City dance performance. As several of the writers wish to preserve their anonymity, we will not reveal the names of those who had no involvement with Borderland. When it comes to Borderland, however, and only Borderland (nothing else attributed to Bellamy Bach), Terri Windling has acknowledged that she is the author of "Gray," "Rain and Thunder," "Exile," and co-author (with Ellen Kushner) of "Mockery". All non-Borderland material was written by the other authors in the group.

About the "BB" Borderland stories, Terri writes: "Like other authors in the BB group, I found it extremely liberating to write 'teen' tales anonymously. I wanted to delve into my own memories of what it felt like to be a teenager--and not to worry if the emotions I dredged up were corny or melodramatic. Creating 'Mockery' with Ellen Kushner was one of the most deliciously fun writing experiences I have ever had. I was living in the back bedroom of her Upper West Side apartment at the time, nursing a bruised heart from a love affair gone bad. I'm a morning writer; Ellen writes in the midnight hours; so I'd wake up to find her next installment waiting for me on the kitchen table...and, like Hale, I never knew what the dazzling, infuriating Linny would do next. I read Linny's last scene when I was on a plane heading to Europe. I remember crying, somewhere over the Atlantic, as Linny rode out of B'town and out of my ... er, out of Hale's life."

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