Borderland, Bordertown, and Life on the Border are a series of science fiction/fantasy anthologies edited by Terri Windling with Mark Alan Arnold.

What's it all about? Between the mysterious Elflands and the magicless world are a wild Borderland and the ancient city of Bordertown. Here, Elven magic and Human Technology work only sporadically. Here Elves and humans mingle in an uneasy truce, vying for control of the city: in the Council Chambers of Dragon's Tooth Hill, in the marketplace called Trader's Haven...

...but most of all in the old, abandoned parts of the city where runaways gather, rock and roll clubs glitter, and bands clash in a musical, magical rivalry.

Welcome to the Borderlands...but watch your step. Magic runs wild in the streets here.

The BorderLand Series

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The back cover of " Life on the Border" best describes the feel of this unique series of books....

"Dateline BORDERTOWN (Global News Service) -- Like the runaways of so many previous generations, the youngsters who flock to Bordertown are lured by the glamour of the place. Much of this glamour is associated with the exotic segment of the local population whose origins lie on the other side of the Border. Tall, pale, with distinctive silver-white hair, they call themselves 'Truebloods.'

Everyone else calls them elves.

A complex mercantile city with a rough frontier edge, Bordertown has dealt with its human and Elven runaway youth by giving them an entire section of the old city. Called Soho, it is policed by gangs of teenagers -- some of whom promote interspecies hatred, some of whom fight for their own streetwise brand of tolerance and understanding.

What's startling about Soho is that in spite of gang violence and destitution, there's hope here as well as despair. The youth of Bordertown have their own street culture, music scene and unique attitude....full of energy and life and, yes, a bit of magic. Life on the Border isn't for the starry-eyed or the faint of heart -- but for these kids, survival has become an art of its own."


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Elsewhere and Nevernever

Written by Will Shetterly

In Elsewhere, rock music meets the world of Faerie in a moving story of a young runaway named Ron who searches Bordertown for family and finds magic, friendship and an eclectic bookstore called Elsewhere, where the titles are almost as strange as the clientele.

In Nevernever, Ron's story continues as he maneuvers the mean streets of Bordertown in a tale of murder, kidnapping and revenge.


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Written by Emma Bull

Finder is the spellbinding story of Orient, a Bordertown runaway who has a gift for locating missing things. Hired to find a killer, he follows the trail of a seductive, lethal new designer drug that has been luring runaways to their deaths with the promise that it can transform human bodies into Elven flesh. Meanwhile, a mysterious plague spreads through Bordertown and endangers those of Elven blood, including Orient's best friend.



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The Essential Bordertown : A Traveller's Guide to the Edge of Faerie

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(Borderland Anthology #4)

edited by Terri Windling and Delia Sherman, Tor Books/Winter Season 89 - 97 with new fiction by Ellen Kushner, Midori Snyder, Charles de Lint, Patricia McKillip, Steven Brust, and many others...

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