In 1986 Terri Windling created the world and edited the first book in the Borderland series.

Here's a little history on the beginnings of Borderland...

Little did she know what was to transpire after she set her world in motion.

In 1990, a large group of artists, organizers, special effects technicians, musicians, and other dedicated, talented crazies from L.A. banded together to throw an open event in Los Angeles based on the Borderland fantasy anthology series . Our intent was to introduce a great series of books to people, and to provide a venue to showcase exciting new acts. We had no advertising, lots of great -- but new -- talent with very little following, and few people who knew about the series of books.

Over two hundred and fifty people showed up.

We felt we were on to something. In 1993 we decided to try it again. The third installment of the Borderland series, Life on the Border, was in circulation, and people were asking for another event. We rented a warehouse, showcased some more fabulous talent, and added the Mock Avenue Art Gallery and a Trader's Haven to the evening's entertainment. This was before many of us were plugged into the web. There was no B-town website to spread the word and again we relied simply upon word of mouth.

Almost 400 people showed up.

Seeing as how almost every story wraps as a trilogy in the fantastic world of filmdom (for better or for worse),the third and final Bordertown party will be made a reality in 1998. The Dancing Ferret, the club with no permanent address, is back in business on Saturday June 20, 1998. This also happens to be weekend of the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Always a Great time to celebrate. Expect a crowd.

For more information on this upcoming event, please access "The Party" link.

Here's a link to some words and snaps on what PAST B-town parties were like...There are a whole bunch of photos on this page, and I made the file sizes as small as possible, but it might still take a while to load...

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